Hi, friend! You may have noticed that we do things a little differently around here! Since my products are one-of-a-kind, we launch designs 3 times a month, Fridays at 10am CST. Products typically FLY out of my shop. It can be exhilarating, but also nerve wracking. I wanted to help by compiling some helpful tips and tricks on how to best shop our launches!

...No, really! 😂  This is the most tried and true method! Set yourself an alarm for launch time so that you can grab your first pick. Many other shoppers will be doing the same! We do our main launches Friday @10am central time + we do our exclusive “secret” Bestie launches Thursdays @10am central time for our KB Bestie Facebook Group!

You can join this space and/or join the Bestie newsletter/text if you’re not on FB... links for all of these here!

It may be a good idea to set your alarm for 9:55, so that you are at your computer and ready to shop. Refresh the page and once the banner at the top changes to "SHOP NOW," you're good to go!  We will be texting/posting/emailing at the time of the restock but keep in mind a lot of other friends wanting to snag their faves will be showing up before launch time so they are ready to roll! 

For main restocks on Fridays you can show up early at and when the site banner changes click it to go straight to the launch collection.

You can also click the Sneak Peeks link shared earlier in the week and refresh it until the “coming soon” labels disappear and the items go live.

Our special Bestie restocks on Thursdays can only be accessed via the link we send out/post for Sneak Peeks, the link posted in the Bestie group @10am central time and the link we text/email out at 10am central time. They will NOT be accessible on our main site! So for these, you can show up early by clicking the Sneak Peeks link posted earlier in the week and refresh it until the “coming soon” labels disappear and the items go live.

Or you can always just be standing by your phone/computer ready to for the text/email/post, but keep in mind technology can lag sometimes so these could come through to you a couple mins after launch time!

We have heard people having success in book marking the item they want from our Sneak Peeks link and then going straight to that on restock day and refreshing until it goes live. So that might be helpful as well! 


Time zones are a beautiful and confusing thing that separate us all just a bit! So a few things to keep in mind about making sure you have the correct time the restock is going live...

We are in Central time here at KB so launches will ALWAYS be at 10am central time.

If you are ever confused or wondering what that is in your time zone we always recommend googling just to make double sure!

If you’re part of our Bestie Facebook Group Mia creates events for each restock, if you go to that event you should see that it will give you the restock time in your local time zone! Thanks Facebook!!!

Please keep in mind different places observe daylight savings time! Some do, some don’t, some are at different times of the year than others and some are even different changes that are made to the time depending on the state/country! All the fun confusing things!

In central time we run on CDT (central daylight time) starting sometime in the Spring and CST (central standard time) starting sometime in the Fall! So make sure to stay up to date on when the clocks spring forward or fall back!

If you haven't made an account, take a second to do so by clicking the little person icon at the top left of our homepage, above our logo. After you order once, your payment info should be saved so that you don't waste seconds entering it in during launch time.

This is a tip our shoppers taught us about! Consider setting up Paypal One Touch or Shop Pay with Shopify. They will save your payment info and you can check out with 1-click, saving valuable time. Please note, you can sign up through their site online, not through our system.

If possible, shop on your computer during launches. Mobile is great for some things, but when it comes to acting fast, you might want to break out the laptop. You can see more products at once, which saves you scroll time and may make things a little less stressful. 

We release previews before every launch, at 8pm on Wednesday nights! You can find the link in the stories/our instagram bio on Wednesday nights. This is great for getting an idea of what you want to snag! Some ladies even screenshot specific designs so they know what they are looking for when launch time rolls around. This saves you time trying to choose while products are flying out of the shop! Insider tip: For early access to previews make sure you’re part of the Bestie Group/email/text list! 

We post on Instagram right at 10am to remind you that the launch is live! To make sure you don't miss these posts, go to our page, click under our bio where it says "following," click "notifications," and you can turn on post notifications. Voila! 

Want to make sure you always get restock/sale alerts? Sign up for any/all of the below text lists!

KANTHA TEXTS 🌿 minimal text list + 10% off coupon! -
We promise not to blow up your phone.

BESTIE TEXTS 💛  the Kantha crazy text list for all the things + 15% off! -

PLEASE NOTE: If you are international, read our international text FAQ here before registering!

If you're a KB Die Hard, you can sign up here to be a part of a special text list instead! You'll get the same restock reminder text, as well as bonus privileges you won't want to miss out on. Then, be sure to join the exclusive Kantha Bae Besties Facebook group! This group is not only a great space for building community with fellow KB lovers, but there are always important updates there, as well as sneak peeks of new designs, Be the Buyer polls, and more! Launch reminders will go up right at 10am so you can click to shop. The third method for recieving Besties launch reminders is by signing up for the Besties Newsletter here


There are a few ways to be quick at the draw at restocks and links are one of the most important things you can get right when wanting to snag your fave pieces!

Bestie Restocks

These are exclusive to Besties and NOT available on our main site!

✨ Link is texted/emailed out to our Bestie text and email lists at 10 am central time

✨ Link is posted in our Bestie group at 10 am central time

✨ Link can be accessed via the Besties Sneak Peek link we share on Weds.

✨ Link will be live via the Bestie Restock event in our Bestie group at 10am central time

Main Restocks

These are open on the main site so you can always just go to and wait for the website banner to change at restock time! When you click that it will take you to the restock collection!

✨ Link will be texted/emailed out to both our Bestie and Kantha text and email lists at 10 am central time

✨ Link will be posted in our Bestie group at 10am central time

✨ Link will be up in our Instagram Bio at 10am central time

✨ Link will be live in our Restock event in our Bestie group at 10am central time

✨ Link can be accessed via the Sneak Peeks link we share on Weds.

Everyone has a different flow that works best for them! So play with it, have fun with it and you’ll find what way works best for you!

IF you have a certain item that you have your eye on we have heard that people have had success in book marking that item from the sneak peeks and going straight to it when things go live! So that might be the fastest option for you as well! This counts for both restocks!

Please keep in mind if you click any links and they still say coming soon or 404 page not found just keep refreshing, they will come up for you soon!


We all love a discount but it can really slow us down on a restock day! Make sure you have your discount ready to paste in the box before the restock goes live to help! We cannot apply codes retroactively after the order is placed and we don’t want you to miss out on a discount!

A great way to get things at a discount is support one of our reps! They have a $5 off code you can use as many times as you like! You can find reps to connect and see their codes with by looking at our “Rep” highlight on instagram!

Remember that rep codes are not valid on Bestie restocks.

Remember, only 1 code can be used per order.


You can search for anything on a page by clicking “ctrl + F” on Windows or “cmd + F” on Mac! If you know the item number of the product (or even the name of a product helps) you want to snag that makes it way easier to get to it without scrolling! 🙌

Q: What if I I have to check out so fast I place multiple orders? Can you combine shipping?

A: We are no longer able to combine shipping. Our third-party shipping company ships SO fast that we are not able to accommodate this. But please note that shipping charges are calculated by weight, so you are not overpaying for shipping! For more about shipping, read our shipping FAQ here.


Q: Why do items disappear from my cart?

A: Unfortunately, until the checkout process is complete, things in your cart are still up for grabs in the shop! So many people are shopping at once during launches, it could be someone else was a little quicker and checked out with the piece! Sad times! Read our blurb here about what to do when your dream piece gets stolen.


Q: Are launch designs just in one big collection, or can I still shop through specific collections on launch day?

A: The banner is set to link to the "Launch Collection", which will have all the products launching that day, organized by tag. If you'd prefer to shop just one design, feel free to click the individual collections linked at the top of the home page. Either way works!


Q: What time is 10am CST in my time zone?

A: 11am EST

9am MST

8am PST

7am AK

5am HI

4pm London

11am Toronto

1am Sydney

*These times are of course subject to change throughout the year if Day Light Savings is observed in your country. Double check the accuracy with good old Google!


Q: Why is it possible for items to “double sell?"

A: Unfortunately one of a kind items can be both a blessing and a curse! Technology doesn’t always play nice and when there are hundreds of people shopping/checking out near the same time sometimes Shopify can make mistakes and allow an item to sell 2x even when we told it not to allow out of stock items to sell! Sometimes y’all are just so fast before Shopify can register that the item has sold 2 people have snagged it already! We are always looking for ways to improve this and working with Shopify to find ways to stop it altogether!

If this ever does happen we will reach out via email to and we will work to make it right for you!

Q: What do if I see that my item has also been sold to another in the community?

A: Just reach out to with any info you have! We will look at what order was placed first and handle it from there!

Q: What happens if I want multiple pieces, but don’t want my dream piece snagged while shopping?

A: Unfortunately we don’t have a solution to help this! At this time it is whoever checks out fastest. If you want to make sure you don’t lose an item in your cart but still want more we recommend snagging your items one order at a time!

Q: What happened to the cart timer? I miss it!

A: We unfortunately only have a handful of cart timer apps available to us through our Shopify platform, and not all of them play nice! So until we can find or develop one with Shopify that works at 100% we have removed the cart timer feature. We would MUCH rather people know there is a risk the item in their cart might get snagged than everyone get their hopes up thinking the cart timer works and it lets them down. We miss it, too, and are trying to find a solution that is fool proof!

Q: Can I make any changes after my order is placed?

A: All shipping/order Q’s are answered here!

Q: Can I combine separate orders?

A: You can read about that here!

Q: What if the restock is too stressful for me, but I still really want to shop with Kantha Bae?

A: We totally get it, everyone is different! Some people love the rush shopping a restock can bring and some don’t love it! We try to accommodate all shopping styles here at KB and bring a true one of a kind experience catered to you!

We have our main restocks yes, but we make sure we have enough pieces that there will still be plenty of beauties in the shop even after the restock rush! We recommend that if you don’t love shopping restocks to come back about an hour after things go live for a more chill shopping experience!

A lot of the time we get our hearts set on one piece from sneak peeks and are devastated if it slips through our fingers! If you find this is bringing you stress, we recommend not participating in sneak peeking items but going in later on, after the restock and find a piece that speaks to you then!

We have some sneaky drops sometimes on Friday evenings @8pm central time or throughout the week to love on those who don’t love shopping restocks! These drops are a lot more chill because we don’t advertise them to keep them zen for everyone!

We are working on ways to bring the love of KB pieces on a more duplicable scale along side the one of a kind pieces as well where we can have multiple of the same colors available... so keep an eye out for updates on that!

Q: What if I miss out on all my fav picks at a restock?

A: We understand missing out on all of your picks can be so sad!! But we want to encourage you in saying that we have found from countless stories in our community when the piece is meant for you it always comes back around and sometimes we even do sneaky PM or mid week restocks for those who want to shop outside of the restock rush! So keep an eye out for those!

Here’s a link on what to do when we miss out on a piece we love for whatever reason that may be (even us KB employees miss out on pieces we love sometimes too!)

Q: How do I know the prices/sizing etc before a launch?

A: Prices will be available on the Sneak Peeks page when it goes live the Weds. before the restock!

Sizing will normally be posted on the Weds before the restock in some graphics via our Bestie group/stories!

We are also working on a handy dandy sizing page you can refer to at all times that represent all shapes and sizes so stay tuned for that!


I hope that with these tips, you will become a pro at shopping Kantha Bae launches! Please know that we are always looking for new ways to make it easier on you all. As always, thanks for growing with us and supporting Kantha Bae! 💛