Hi, friend! You may have noticed that we do things a little differently around here! Since my products are one-of-a-kind, we launch designs 3 times a month, Fridays at 10am CST. Products typically FLY out of my shop. It can be exhilarating, but also nerve wracking. I wanted to help by compiling some helpful tips and tricks on how to best shop our launches!

...No, really! 😂 This is the most tried and true method! Set yourself an alarm for launch time so that you can grab your first pick. Many other mamas will be doing the same! We launch Fridays at 10am CST, so it may be a good idea to set your alarm for 9:55, so that you are at your computer and ready to shop. Refresh the page and once the banner at the top changes to "SHOP NOW," you're good to go! 

If you haven't made an account, take a second to do so by clicking the little person icon at the top left of our homepage, above our logo. After you order once, your payment info should be saved so that you don't waste seconds entering it in during launch time.

This is a tip our shoppers taught us about! Consider setting up Paypal One Touch or Shop Pay with Shopify. They will save your payment info and you can check out with 1-click, saving valuable time.

If possible, shop on your computer during launches. Mobile is great for some things, but when it comes to acting fast, you might want to break out the laptop. You can see more products at once, which saves you scroll time and may make things a little less stressful. 

We release previews before every launch, at 8pm on Wednesday nights! This is great for getting an idea of what you want to snag! Some ladies even screenshot specific designs so they know what they are looking for when launch time rolls around. This saves you time trying to choose while products are flying out of the shop!

We post on Instagram right at 10am to remind you that the launch is live! To make sure you don't miss these posts, go to our page, click under our bio where it says "following," click "notifications," and you can turn on post notifications. Voila! 

Text KANTHA to 72599 to get restock alerts! We always send out a link to what's launching so that you can click to shop right away. We promise not to blow up your phone. PLEASE NOTE: If you are international, read our international text FAQ here before registering.

If you're a KB Die Hard, you can text KBBESTIE to 72599 to be a part of a special text list instead! You'll get the same restock reminder text, as well as bonus privileges you won't want to miss out on. Then, be sure to join the exclusive Kantha Bae Besties Facebook group! This group is not only a great space for building community with fellow KB lovers, but there are always important updates there, as well as sneak peeks of new designs, Be the Buyer polls, and more! Launch reminders will go up right at 10am so you can click to shop. The third method for recieving Besties launch reminders is by signing up for the Besties Newsletter here

Q: What if I I have to check out so fast I place multiple orders? Can you combine shipping?

A: We are no longer able to combine shipping. Our third-party shipping company ships SO fast that we are not able to accommodate this. But please note that shipping charges are calculated by weight, so you are not overpaying for shipping! For more about shipping, read our shipping FAQ here.


Q: Why do items disappear from my cart?

A: This is usually because your time has run out on our cart timer. After 3 minutes, it is up for grabs again.


Q: Are launch designs just in one big collection, or can I still shop through specific collections on launch day?

A: The banner is set to link to the "Launch Collection", which will have all the products launching that day, organized by tag. If you'd prefer to shop just one design, feel free to click the individual collections linked at the top of the home page. Either way works!


Q: What time is 10am CST in my time zone?

A: 11am EST

9am MST

8am PST

7am AK

5am HI

4pm London

11am Toronto

1am Sydney

*These times are of course subject to change throughout the year if Day Light Savings is observed in your country. Double check the accuracy with good old Google!


I hope that with these tips, you will become a pro at shopping Kantha Bae launches! Please know that we are always looking for new ways to make it easier on you all. We successfully added a cart timer to the checkout page that reserves your cart for a few moments, so that no one is able to snatch an item out of your cart. WOOHOO! As always, thanks for growing with us and supporting Kantha Bae! 💛