So You Missed Out on Your Dream Piece...

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We've all been there... you scoured the previews until you found THE ONE. You took a screenshot, set your alarm, and made your coffee early. Maybe you even got to her quick enough to add her to your cart. But when you went to check out... POOF! Your dream piece got away at the last possible second, and that ick feeling sets in immediately.

We understand that this is by far the worst part of shopping our hectic, highly anticipated launches!  But we want to encourage you in saying that we have heard countless stories in our community about how when the piece is meant for you, it always comes back around.  No, really... some shoppers have been reconnected with their wayward dream piece weeks later through the BST page! Or, when they least expected it, found a piece that spoke to them volumes more than the original!

We see you, and we feel your pain! Here’s a little guide for what to do when you miss out on a piece you just know was made for you (and yes, if you were wondering, even us KB employees miss out on pieces we love sometimes!)


1: Scream it out if you need to... but then try to take a moment to stop and practice gratitude. Take 1 minute of quiet, 3 deep deep breaths and name 3 pieces of clothing you are grateful for in your closet now. Be reminded that with one-of-a-kind items, there will always be more than 1 person trying to snag them and someone will always miss out... but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a piece you love!

Maybe that one wasn’t meant to be!

Maybe the soul who got it is experiencing things in life we don’t know about and they truly needed this piece to comfort and uplift them! We never know what others are going through!

We love on the person who the stars aligned for this week and when the stars align for us, we take time to love on and encourage those who missed out!


2: Once you take a quiet moment to reflect, it can really help to go congratulate a fellow KB lover who did score their dream piece! The Bestie group is a great space of community where you can let that person know if it’s not love for them to keep you in mind! We can't score every time, but we can live vicariously through those who are celebrating in the Besties group. Try to catch some of that second hand excitement... it's cathartic!


3: After a bit of time, you may want to go back through and peek at the items still in the shop! Sometimes one that didn’t speak to you before stands out to you now... and sometimes, you see pieces that you didn’t even notice before!!


4: Keep an eye out at 8pm central time the evening of a launch... sometimes if we have enough stock, we will pop more in to love on those who missed out earlier in the day! We especially try to do this when a new and highly-coveted design sells out in the morning launch. We want there to be enough to go around!


5: Participate in the ISO posts in the Kantha Bae BST group! Our sweet fellow Bestie Sharon will make posts ever so often where she opens the floor up to those searching for long lost pieces!

You can join the BST here!

6: Keep an eye out on the Kantha Bae BST group/Bestie Group and make it known you would love to snag that piece if the owner ever intends on rehoming it! We have so many stories of Besties who ended up with their dream pieces this way!


7: Feel peace in knowing your dream piece IS coming! ✨ Things just don’t always turn out how we think they should... they usually turn out way better! The universe loves to surprise us in that way. 😘

And just because it never hurts, we would love for you to use D R E A M P I E C E on your next order for a special little discount, just for you! Hugs, friend!

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  • I cannot say enough about how true all of this is. EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. One of my dream pieces made it to me after a year this week. It passed through two others before it found it’s way home. Love on others. Love on yourself. Good things will come your way. Xoxo

    Michele West on

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