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Friends! We are SO excited to finally announce that of July 2020, we have found the PERFECT third party shipping company for our story! Krista has been searching and searching for the right fulfillment company for a year now, and it has never been possible due to the nature of our one-of-a-kind items. We finally found a local team that is everything we've ever dreamed of, and more!

So what does this mean? It means shorter shipping times for you! HAPPY DANCE! You should never have to wait longer than 4 days for an order to ship, even during Christmas! It also means Grace and the team have more time on their plates to pour into other parts of KB.  We are just thrilled about this change... every single order has been personally packaged and shipped by this team since 2016. While we are proud of the thousands of orders we have folded, wrapped, and tied up for you guys over the years, we are so excited to see where this new flow can take us! Don't worry... your items will still be packaged with care, and some of those personal touches you love so much, like those gorgeous, eco-friendly, reusable bags.💛

Below are our most frequently asked questions concerning shipping!


We offer calculated shipping meaning the shipping you pay is based on the weight of the product. So shipping costs you what it costs us. Woohoo! 

Previously, the team was able to combine orders for you as often as possible. We are no longer able to combine multiple orders. The third-party shipping company fulfills orders so quickly that there won't be time to combine orders placed within the same week. If there is a special reason you need your orders combined, please email us at so that we can try to accommodate you. We hope to bring back this option in the future! *If you are international, read the "international customs fees" section below.

All sales final, unless you receive an incorrect item or item is not as described on the website. Reach out to if you believe you qualify for a return. 


Unfortunately, Kantha Bae is not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Once it leaves our hands, there is very little we can do. We are unable to reimburse or resend product, unless the package gets returned to us. We do however offer Route insurance at checkout, so that if your package ever gets lost, you have recourse through them!


Again, we have an all sales final policy. But we understand things happen! Sometimes orders are placed before you see your DREAM piece, etc. Please note that in order for us to cancel/refund your order, you MUST notify the team via email at within an hour of purchasing. Otherwise, we won't be able to cancel your order before the shipping company is pulling it to be sent.

It makes us so happy when you spread the love of kantha! Please enter the address of the person you are gifting to at the time of your purchase. We are happy to include a gift note with your order! Reach out to us at as soon as you place your gift order with the contents of the note and any other requests!

 "Route" is our new shipping insurance. This is how we help with any lost or stolen mail. It’s only dollars to use and it’s amazing! Here is how to make sure it’s marked and also how to file a claim if ever needed. The more you add the more the price of route will increase but it’s still only dollars to use. It starts at $0.98 and goes up from there. Even with 3 items in my cart it was still below $2. Great feature to take advantage of and hopefully be helpful to give peace of mind in the world of crazy USPS. 


We offer world-wide shipping! We love our international customers, and we know that customs fees can hurt, especially when placing multiple orders. Kantha Bae is not responsible for any customs fees charged. BUT one of our shoppers from the UK shared her workaround that you may be interested in!
There are US shipping companies that consolidate packages to be sent abroad. They provide you a US postal address and will store your packages there until you are ready for them to be consolidated and mailed in smaller packaging! You can declare the value of the package and choose shipping speed. Google "Stackry" or other similar companies. You may find that this is a great solution for your multiple KB orders!
We want to look after you friends and make your shopping experience the best it can be! We have a "discounts" page, where you can find codes to help you save some dollars on the front end of your purchase, to help compensate for any fees when it arrives to you. We also would love to offer you one-time free international shipping with code KBGLOBAL.


We hope this helps, friends! As always, reach out to with any other questions you may have! We are happy to help.

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