Krista is a mama of 5, wife to her first love Landon, and Owner/Designer of Kantha Bae. She is so many things... here is more of her story.

I have a dream…and Kantha Bae is a part of that dream; a place where my passion and creativity collide. In 2013, I gave birth to my third and suddenly I was out of hands. Baby-wearing became a necessity, but I struggled to find a wrap that I loved. When I discovered some kantha fabric in the back of my closet, I knew the strong but lightweight nature of it would make the perfect wrap. I got behind my sewing machine and the first Kantha Bae Baby Wrap was officially born.

Kantha is a traditional Bengali technique: it is the straight, even stitching together of layers of saris. My vintage collection is made from 100% upcycled cotton fabric. I love the character of each piece, as well as the eco-friendly nature of each upcycled design. As my shop has grown, I’ve expanded my collection to offer products for your babies, your homes, and for you! My accessory and fashion lines are consistently my best sellers these days.

I’ve always wanted to partner with organizations that make differences in women’s lives. I’ve also burned with a heart for India since doing mission work there in 2006.  I am so grateful to have found partners in Northern India and in Bangladesh that allow me to carry out the "why" of my business... making a difference in lives and helping others share their stories. (For more on the 2 stories behind your kantha, check out the blog on Bangladesh here and the blog on Northern India here.) 

 I believe in mamas and sisterhood and community; that we can't do life alone and we weren't meant to. I want my shop to be a platform for that. I hope that as you wear kantha, you feel a part of something bigger and that you are strong and brave! The Kantha Bae story is expanding around the world... My dream is still growing and yet to be fully recognized, but each day the Lord is opening new doors on this journey and the passions He has put in my heart. Thank you for walking with me in this journey!

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