The Story Behind Your Kantha: Northern India

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Seeing people... linking arms with women... living life fully and with open hands. These are just a few of my mantras that I try to live out through my life and my business. I have been blessed enough to find partners in this business that allow me to do just that. You may already know that Basha was the first supplier in my story at Kantha Bae. (For more on Basha, click here.) As my shop continued to grow, the Lord opened another door - in Northern India this time. Just over a year ago, I became acquainted with an incredible team, and one amazing young woman, in particular. It was so apparent that we both needed each other, and that it was a perfect fit. Here is more of their story.

The beautiful young woman I mentioned has brought so much hope to her village with her kind heart and bravery. She is truly an inspiration. She has dreams in her eyes, love in her voice, courage in her heart, and confidence in her walk. So much love for her and the heart behind why she started in this business. 💛⁣  She has kindly shared more of her story so that you all can know her a little better. *name has been removed to protect her privacy* ⁣ 

⁣“I am from a tiny village near Jaipur, India. So many people said that I joined business at an early age, but according to me, age is just a number; we learn things with our experiences in our life. ⁣

⁣Our company was established by my Dad in our village. He used to do kantha work with the help of rural ladies. I've grown up seeing all these things and what I observed at an early age was that they never get recognition and identification for their hard work.⁣

⁣Here I came with the only advice of Dad ‘always keep your feet in your employees and customers shoes, try to understand what they want and expect from you, and try not hurt anybody then only you can be an Entrepreneur and a successful business lady.’ ⁣

I joined the business to enhance it online, as my father isn’t comfortable in English. Although Indian people don’t support a girl working with men, my father always supports me and always believe that I’m not less than a man and I can also have the liberty to work and carry out my dreams. Now my father and I work together with his experience and my passion. ⁣

I continued business in my village only so I can be in touch with ladies who perform handiwork; we can share ideas on how we can merge tradition with fashion so we can always share something new with everyone. ⁣

⁣I've started my journey with passion and dedication so I can see happy faces all over.”

Y'all, she is so incredibly invested in this business. She loves knowing when you all are excited about new designs and when launches are successful. She and her team have even sent toys for my kids in the bottom of boxes of product. I mean, seriously?? She is so thoughtful and fiercely talented... I don't know where we would be without her and her team.
Because of you, she has been able to employ people from surrounding villages. She has been able to upgrade their facilities and provide work for women who are stay at home mothers. She has been able to keep skilled artisans working in their craft, and as she said, recognized for their handiwork. I am in love with traditional techniques, and she teaches me more of the history and process all the time. I love sharing these things with this KB community... I am just so honored to have them as a part of this story.

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  • I can’t even describe what a gift it is to see these women… working on Kantha pieces that I wear & love, more often now than any of my “regular” clothes. There is such dedication shown here… women lifting up other women is the most powerful force on this planet. ✨🙏💕

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