The Why Behind Our Pricing

Hi, sweet friend! Thank you for popping in to read more about our little shop! Here at Kantha Bae, we see new faces in the community all the time. We’re so appreciative of the overwhelming support that comes in, and with that, we get questions about our pricing. We are so happy to share our answers on a blog so we can be as open and transparent as possible with this beautiful community!

So, why do our prices seem to be premium? It’s so important to us that you know why this is, as your support is the backbone of our business and the reason why we’re able to have such a positive impact on our amazing team across the globe. As you read on, we hope you get a clearer picture as to where your money is going when you purchase an item from Kantha Bae.


We practice sustainability

Our clothes help the planet rather than hurt it. We take pre-loved fabrics from across the globe and give them a new life by transforming them into pieces we know you’ll love. It takes time and energy to seek out these fabrics and upcycle them, but this is a process we believe is completely worth it. We feel so lucky that we’re able to own, honor, and cherish these fabrics from a different place and culture than our own.

From concept to closet, each item is made 100% ethically

Many fashion brands pay their workers far too little for all their hard work and dedication. According to, 85% of garment workers do not earn the minimum wage. We’ve always done our best to ensure this never happens at Kantha Bae. Our trusted brand partners work hard. They sew each item by hand, and we want to make sure they’re paid fairly for everything they do. For this reason, we offer fair wages to families in the US, as well as fair wages and any additional needs for families in India.


We have quality customer service

It is a priority for us that customers always feel seen, loved, and are happy with their purchase while shopping at Kantha Bae. And if they aren’t, we want to make sure they can reach out at any time. Because of this, our customer service team is available the majority of the week. We know this makes a difference with your shopping experience!

Our items are not ordinary

It’s important to us that your experience shopping at Kantha Bae is one that you love. This is why all our items are made intentionally and with care. The majority of our shop includes one-of-a-kind designs, all handmade, photographed, and packaged individually. And when you buy something from our one-of-a-kind collections, you’re guaranteed to have a completely unique design; no one else in the world will have an item identical to yours!


Your dollar makes a difference

 When we buy clothes, we’re often only spending money so we can look and feel good. At Kantha Bae, that isn’t the only case. Your dollar goes towards much more than just a dress or a head wrap. Your dollar goes towards families that could not previously provide for themselves. Your dollar goes towards a newfound confidence in women who have survived human trafficking. Your dollar goes towards a budding hope in villages across Northern India and—as we grow—into even more parts of the world. All in all, your dollar goes towards making lives better.

If you want to read more about what you do with each purchase, read “The Story Behind Your Kantha: Northern India” and “The Story Behind Your Kantha: Bangladesh.”


 Pricing Changes

Pricing changes can happen from time to time as the world shifts and changes but are nothing to be to be alarmed about! We are always happy to be completely transparent with any changes that have to be made so here is a list of the things that can affect a price change here at Kantha Bae… 
Import/customs costs: Importing items in from a different country can be very expensive. Not only do we pay for the shipping costs of the beautiful pieces but we also have customs fees we have to cover once the items make it in the the U.S. The government and shipping carriers shift and change these costs as they see fit and we are at the mercy of any changes they decide to make in their prices. 
Cost of materials: As I’m sure everyone has experienced inflation is a real thing and cost of the gorgeous materials we all know and love are not exempt from that. From time to time cost of materials used to make the gorgeous pieces you see in the shop can fluctuate. 
Changes in shipping cost to our customers: This is another thing that we are at the mercy of shipping carriers and their changing prices so from time to time you might see shipping costs fluctuate on your end as well… but don’t be alarmed and stay tuned! You are only being charged what it costs us to ship your items and we are working ton negotiating rates with USPS + other carriers now that we have our own warehouse. They don’t make it easy for small businesses to negotiate rates like larger stores can but we are working hard to do so and offer you the most affordable rate we can always! 
In all of the shifting and changing of the world one thing that stays steady and we can always promise… we will always put fair wages for our partners first and foremost in all we do and we will also always fight to keep prices as low as we can for you as the customer!

If you’ve snagged some items before, or are thinking of making a purchase soon, we’d like to thank you for supporting us, supporting families in need, and supporting the planet as a whole. The path to a better world begins and ends with you, and you’re doing an amazing job at that! Thanks for letting your light shine and letting us be part of that! It means more to us than you’ll ever know! We love you big!

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