Jewelry - The perfect statement piece for the bohemian soul, this line features hand-sawn and textured brass and copper chevron-shaped panels with a handcrafted chain and clasp. 

Kimonos - Beautiful lightweight kimonos designed from vintage silk saris. Each design is one-of-a-kind and perfect for the summer months. 

Turbans - A lightweight head scarf uniquely hand stitched with Kantha embroidery. Made from cotton vintage saris which allow for a soft and light fabric, comfortable for every season of the year. 

Head Wraps - Kantha Bae headwraps are beautifully designed to complement that boho mom and boho baby. They are extremely versatile in their design. We use them for baby scarves, belts/sashes, or mini scarves for adults, and of course...as a unique head wrap.