Text and Email Troubleshooting

Hi sweet friend! We know technology can be a bear sometimes, so we created this page to help get to the bottom of why you’re not receiving your emails or text messages! ❤️


Normally emails are a pretty simple fix! Here’s what we recommend...

1: Check your spam! Make sure your KB emails haven’t been going to your spam folders and if they have make sure to let your email know they aren’t spam!

2: Check your promotions folder! A lot of emails now have 2 inboxes... one for your “main” and one for “promotions," and most of the time any emails that come from a shop will end up there! You can mark them to go to your primary inbox though!

3: Just go through the sign up process one more time to make sure you’re signed up!

You can find both of our email lists on our "all things KB" landing page here.


Texts can be a little more finicky! If you didn’t know our wireless carriers have gone through the ringer over the past few years trying to protect us all from spammy messages! Which is so great but it makes it harder for the good guys to share messages with our peeps!

Texts that shops send come through something called a short code so they are able to send out to hundreds of people in seconds and wireless carriers are very picky about short codes because since up until recently they could be shared between multiple companies to keep the prices low it was easy for spammy people to use them! Now all shops have to pay a much higher price to get our own dedicated short code that only our shop can use which Kantha Bae is in the process of doing...

Here is what you can do in the meantime if you’re experiencing issues sending receiving texts and some of the reasons that might be happening!

1: Make sure that you’re signed up still! Things happen and you could have possibly gotten unsubscribed!

You can find sign up links to both our BESTIE and KANTHA text lists on our "all things KB" page here.

If you don’t receive a welcome text in response this probably means you are already on the text list or your carrier is blocking the welcome message from coming through.

2: Make sure your carrier allows short code messages to come through!

Some carriers don’t even allow short codes to be delivered to you unless you call and specifically request it!

3: Make sure your carrier hasn’t marked our short code as spam! Sometimes when a message comes regularly they can flag it as spam. If this is the case you just need to call and let your carrier know it’s ok! We’re not spam!

4: The message could have come through at the “do not disturb hours” for your time zone! By law carriers designate “do not disturb” hours to help protect you and your sleep! If a message is sent before 8am in the morning or past 9pm at night via your local time the carrier will not allow it to be delivered to you. Not sure if this is something you can call and request or not! But keep in mind if you do you might receive a message while asleep!

5: Reach out to support@kanthabae.com and have us check to see if your # is on the text list. We can even send you a test message!

We hope this can help you get things back to the norm in receiving your fave emails + texts and help answer any Q’s you may have!

Keep an eye out because KB will have our own personal short code here soon and it should help with a lot of these type issues as carriers will be a lot more trusting of short codes once this new change has been completed!


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