Our Story

Welcome to the Kantha Bae, a marketplace for handmade goods for the bohemian soul! Our shop is a storytelling of textiles and trade around the world. My name is Krista, I started this little shop over 5 years ago with a heart to see people and a love for all things handmade. I have an amazing family around me that includes my husband Landon and our 5 sweet babes along with our KB team of beautiful souls that partner in our vision and dream to share light in the world. Together we want to tell a story of hope, light and purpose.
Our shop partners with families in India and Bangladesh and the US to make all the beautiful textiles, handmade goods, and home wares you find in our marketplace. We know these souls by name and are active participants in their daily lives. We are all growing together to bring a different story to the retail market and give a platform and voice to those to have amazing gifts to share to the world.
You are a HUGE part of this storytelling and I invite with open hands to know us and know our community. Join our private Facebook Group called the Kantha Bae Besties. This group is a soul group of life giving community where we do life together and share our hearts in this life journey.
Thank you wholly for shopping here, we see you and want to know you. Let's walk together. And please reach out if we can open our hands to you in any way. From our home and hearts...welcome and thank you!
With Open Hands,


Northern India