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A handmade storytelling

Story is the heartbeat of our brand, and therefore at the forefront of everything we do. At Kantha Bae, we aim to bring a different story to the retail market and give a platform and voice to those who have amazing gifts to share with the world. For this reason, we are transparent about our partnerships; we link arms with real makers from like-minded brands, and strive to lead by example in an industry where quality and morals are often compromised.

100% handmade soap bar

"When you shop with us, you are making a real, tangible difference in the lives of others."

We currently partner with families in India, Bangladesh, and the US to make all the beautiful textiles, handmade goods, and homewares you find in our marketplace. We know these souls by name and are active participants in their daily lives. Our very first supplier was Basha, a company that provides dignified work to women in Bangladesh. KB has also partnered with an amazing team and many families in Northern India, providing jobs to craftsmen and women, many of whom otherwise wouldn’t be able to work in their trade. We’re incredibly honored to link arms with such creative, gifted, and beautiful souls. It isn’t something we take for granted.

"See people wholly, love them fully, and walk with open hands."

Thank you wholly for shopping here, we see you and want to know you. Let's walk together. And please reach out if we can open our hands to you in any way. From our home and hearts...welcome and thank you!

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Lets reword this verbiage to be more about staying up to date with KB's humanitarian work. Perhaps we even consider testing out a different newsletter specific to this.