The OH Line Mission

"Our heart here at Kantha Bae is to walk with opens hands and have a storyline of integrity and hope in our brand."

In the journey of designing beautiful Kantha pieces the last few years, the Kantha Bae dream and vision to tell a bigger story started to form. There are many shops like ours beginning to link arms to bring integrity and hope to their brand by sourcing with integrity and providing healthy workplaces and wages to their makers. We wanted to begin partnering with these brands by bringing designs to our brand to pair with our more vibrant pieces from India + Bangladesh. In doing this we all grow together and are able to be part of a bigger story and make a bigger impact to global fashion. This process has been a journey as it’s not been easy to find clothing that is not just a “consumable,” but a product that makes a difference in the lives of others as well. Because of that, our KB Fam went on a mission to find brands that we could link arms with and pieces of the highest quality to “style with” the beautiful silks and Kantha you know and love. This is the beginning of the “Open Hands Line,” or the “OH Line.”

100% handmade soap bar

"We aim to bring that story into the fashion world, and the OH Line is the next chapter in this journey."

We are working to grow a community of stories and establish a beautiful marketplace that empowers people and communities, while also giving back. 

"We are going to see each other, support each other, and all grow together with open hands."

When you choose to shop with our “O.H. Line” a portion of proceeds go to communities in Northern India and Bangladesh to provide any basic needs for the families we partner with. This is of course in addition to the beautiful work they do hand crafting the Kantha pieces you have come to know and love! Stay tuned for updates on needs we are able to meet through your support, stories from the villages and more!

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Lets reword this verbiage to be more about staying up to date with KB's humanitarian work. Perhaps we even consider testing out a different newsletter specific to this.