Community Gatherer, Brand Voice, Idea Builder

Mia Donnelly

Hi there beautiful, Mia here! I’m the one behind the screen of (most) of Kantha Bae’s socials chatting with you, curating videos/fun content, planning the fun online festivities, programs, community things + more! You might even see me in a photoshoot from time to time! Funny enough I’m primarily an introvert but I find so much joy in participating in community and providing a safe space that others can land as well!

 I met Krista about 5 or 6 years ago when I began singing on the same worship team as her and her husband Landon. We got to know each other over a couple years of being in that community together when one day Krista came to me with a proposal… to come shoot product photography for her at Kantha Bae! At the time I was already working full time, leading a worship team and working a side hustle with my essential oil biz so when I said yes my husband thought I was crazy… but I had a dream and hunger for something more in life than my 9-5. I wanted a job with a true purpose behind it that I could make an impact and that would allow for me to truly *be* with my family and those dear to me. I am SO glad I walked into the opportunity because not long after a full time position became available and I eventually transitioned from product photography into a full time social media + marketing role which I LOVE!

 Outside of Kantha Bae you can find me repping my KB while spending time with my husband, Tom, and our fur baby, Jedi! I love anything outdoors so we spend lots of time going to our local zoo (seriously, I would go every week if I could), swinging on my porch hammock, taking long walks on local trails, playing tennis, and always jamming to some groovy 70’s music! Other faves of mine include: animals, watching Friends and The Office over and over, making new coffee concoctions at home, spending entirely too much time and money shopping, playing Zelda video games (yes, nerd here), traveling to new places, reading books on physical and mental health, and spending time with my fam/friends goofing off! I really love to laugh and banter, so if you can make me laugh you’ve made yourself a new friend!

You can connect with me over @theoilyem on instagram!