About Us

In mid-2015 I was 4 weeks postpartum with Kai, my fourth little. Being an introverted, creative type, I was content to sew and create at home. A shop was no where on my radar... but a soft and strong (and gorgeous!) baby wrap was!! I found some kantha and sat down at my sewing machine and fell in love with my new wrap... and so did all the mamas around me that saw me wearing! 

Well here I am now with all of you... simply amazed! My name is Krista and this is my introduction. I'm the designer behind all the beauty you see in Kantha Bae. I'm a mama (probably like you) raising four little warriors and needing a shower, but I'm super passionate about living with my hands open and walking boldly through open doors without fear! I'm a hot mess most days and love sad music and rainy days, but I love big and dream big and the amazing people around me do, too, because Lord knows I'd be drowning without them!

I believe in mamas and sisterhood and community and that we can't do life alone and weren't meant to. I want my shop to be a platform for that. I hope that as you wear kantha, you feel a part of something bigger and that you are strong and brave! The Kantha Bae story is expanding around the world and we are excited to partner with Basha Boutique and help make a difference in women’s lives around the world.  Thank you for partnering in my dream!

With Open Hands... Krista @thedoorposts