The Making of the KB Dream Line...


It all began with a handful of favorite, worn-in tee shirts from Krista’s closet. As we touched and analyzed the fabric and fit of each shirt, we began to ask the ultimate question: “Why oh why is it so hard to find the perfect tee?”


You may luck out with a gem from a thrift shop, or take a risk on an expensive vibey tee you saw on one of your fashion bloggers. But who wants to pay hundreds for a designer tee that likely doesn’t check all the boxes? Why are great tees so few and far between? And just what is it about the one tee you LOVE and TREASURE that has you wearing it even after it’s ragged and torn?


We set out on a mission to answer these questions and attempt to develop the all around, tried and true, PERFECT tee. Here were our non-negotiables...





We wanted to develop a quality, signature shirt fabric that could look and feel like a million bucks, but not break the bank. It was important to us to be eco-friendly in the washing and dyeing process. It needed to be comfortable, breathable, and buttery soft with just a hint of distressing, like your favorite shirt from 10 years ago, only right out of the package. Something light and easy, but with enough weight to hang like a dream. We also wanted rich, unique colors that wouldn’t have that “straight off the rack” feel.



The fit is where we all agreed we could not settle. In true Kantha Bae fashion, we wanted to keep it one size, and oversized. This means we needed it to hang like a dream on straight and plus sized frames, WITH NO CLINGING. We were shooting for slouchy and oversized, with a rounded hem. Something you could dress up with your favorite denim bells, but also sleep in! Something cozy enough to roadtrip in, long enough to use as a swim cover-up, and low maintenance enough to wear while vacuuming the house! The true go-to for any occasion.





We knew we had to have unique designs that mirrored the quality and energy of these tees. We wanted to cook up some groovy, bohemian designs, and luckily our very own Grace was up for the challenge. She sat down at the drawing board (AKA iPad) and helped us develop the drippy “Open Hands” art and the vibey “See People” crest. Here is a little behind the scenes of the development of the tee shirt artwork:





Magic Dust

By beautiful happenstance, we connected with an incredible team that turned our pipe dream into reality. These garments were handmade by beautiful souls right here in the US. They were able to marry all the qualities of Krista’s favorite shirts, and nailed our non-negotiables. They worked with us to perfect an oversized fit that will accommodate so many bodies, including those of the men in your life. Our favorite part is that these beauties were crafted using exclusively eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices. This includes domestic labor, all natural washes & only 100% natural cotton fibers. All of these factors come together to provide you with one of the finest crafted “green” garments attainable in the market today. Win-win! These tees are sublimated, meaning that the design is imbedded into the fabric, so that no matter how many times you wash and hang dry, the design will hold its integrity (and magic)! 



Introducing: our Dream Pullovers  

We are so excited that our Dream Line has expanded to the dreamiest pullovers you will reach for again and again! Trust us...we never want to take them off! 

Hand drawn by our very own Grace Hollowell, the artwork on our cream pullover reads "Just This." This serves as a visual reminder to be present in the moment. The henna-adorned hands feature a nod to Kantha Bae's Founder Krista, as the "Asha" tattoo on the wrist is inspired by Krista's actual tattoo. Asha is a Sanskrit word that means "hope" and so much more. Our India team told us that there are not English words to describe the weight of this word.

Hand drawn by our very own Grace Hollowell, the artwork on our darker pullover reads "In stillness I see." This mantra serves as a gentle reminder to slow down and open your heart and mind.

We designed you the perfect custom pullover oversized sweatshirt, and it is finally here.

Made from 100% cotton using eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing practices and all natural washes.

Raw hems make this pullover fit for a rockstar!

Sewn, washed, and printed in the US.

Unisex. One Size Recommended Women's 0-24

All the fabric, sewing, washing, screening was ethically and sustainably sourced in the US. Even the care labels were made here. Our friends making these are very special, you can feel the love every time you throw one on.

This has been a long time in the making, and we hope you fall in love with all the little details of your new favorite tees and pullovers. We haven’t taken ours off, and don’t plan on it. Hold on to your harems, because this is just the beginning of a whole new world...

With Open Hands,
Team KB

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