The Heart Behind our Sizing

Free Sizing for Free Spirits 

Here at Kantha Bae we try our best to create all of the beautiful pieces you see in one size (occasionally 2-3 if needed) to fit a wide variety of different beautiful shapes, sizes, styles, genders + beyond!
The heart behind this goes back to the heartbeat of our brand which is seeing people. We have a dream that all sizes + genders can shop in the same clothing section, and possibly even wear and share the exact same pieces on occasion!

Gentle Acceptance for our Journey 

We realize life takes us many different places and our bodies shift + change numerous times during that. Sometimes we lose weight, sometimes we gain it, we might change due to carrying a beautiful life within us, or maybe we simply just want to change up our style to accommodate the journey of shifting, changing and learning who we truly are. Most clothing you need to go buy a whole new wardrobe for such life changing events but we believe there’s a different way to see and love everyone in all stages of life without losing your most treasured pieces!

Feel at Home in Your Body 

We cannot promise we can master every single item to feel like home on your unique and beautiful frame, but what we can and do promise here at Kantha Bae is to always work our hardest to truly see all and to provide an array of sustainable, unique, fair trade designs for as many as we possibly can! We are absolutely confident that no matter where life has you in this moment there is a piece in the shop that will feel like home on your beautiful body!

We do understand that everyone’s bodies, even those of the same size, are always beautifully different! Therefore the right fit and preference of fit can vary person to person so if there are ever any Q’s about measurements to ensure the best fit for someone’s unique and beautiful shape we are happy to help answer them and assist in finding the perfect item for them.
Please feel free to reach out to us anytime,
Also our special Bestie Group is an amazing space to see items on all different beautiful souls! We'd love to welcome you to become a Bestie: 
With open hands, 
Krista + the entire KB team

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