Our dream line has truly been a labor of love as we have thoughtfully designed and brought to life garments that tell the vision and story here at Kantha Bae. We wanted to share the meaning behind the beautiful mantras you find on your favorite dream tee's and pullovers.

See People Tee

Hand-drawn by our very own Grace Hollowell, this tee serves as a reminder to "see people wholly, love them fully, and walk with open hands." This mantra guides all that we do at Kantha Bae.


 Open Hands Tee

Embodying Krista's longstanding mantra, these tees also serve as a reminder to "see people wholly, love them fully, and walk with open hands."


 Peace Be Unto You Tee

We are proclaiming "peace be unto you" not just during the holiday season but always! This artwork was inspired by the henna Krista received from our India team when she went on her trip to meet them. The subtle holiday feel of this shirt makes it perfect for the season, yet wearable all year long.


 Planted Not Buried Tee 

Artwork designed by our very own Grace Hollowell and mantra inspired by our KB Bestie Lily Gibson, this tee reads "Planted... not buried." This phrase is about shifting your perspective; about thriving in your circumstances and looking up towards the sun. All our life experiences make us who we are- some good, some bad- and we can choose to feel buried or we can own it and grow from it!


 In Stillness I See Pullover

This mantra serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, open your heart and mind and be here now.


 Just This Pullover 

This serves as a visual reminder to be present in the moment. The henna-adorned hands feature a nod to Kantha Bae's Founder Krista, as the "Asha" tattoo on the wrist is inspired by Krista's actual tattoo. Asha is a Sanskrit word that means "hope" and so much more. Our India team told us that there are not English words to describe the weight of this word.


You can find the gorgeous tee's and pullovers in our Dream Line here, beauty. 

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