Summer Must-Haves by Krista, Mia + Tara

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Hey, y'all! If you're curious what some of the KB ladies can't live without this summer, check out the following roundup (complete with links!!)

Krista's Top Ten for the summer... here are a couple shops + products Krista is loving this season!! ✨

🌿  Eleven Matte Hair Putty

🌿  Groovy Amazon Sunnies 

🌿  Silk Split Muu

🌿  Kevin Murphy Salt Spray

🌿  Solti Drinks!

🌿  KB Easy Tees

🌿   KB Makeup Bag

🌿   Free People CC Tee

🌿   Natasha Denona Chromium Liquid Eye Shadow in Infra Nude
🌿   Mohinders

Mia's Top Ten for the summer... here are a couple shops + products she is loving this season!! ✨


🌿 Nuvita Full Spectrum CBD (can use code MIAD for 10% off)

🌿  Olipop Strawberry Vanilla Gut Healthy Soda
🌿  LaBang Body Strawberry Vanilla Smoochie Balm
🌿   Supergoop Glowscreen

🌿  Supergoop Part Powder
🌿  Silk Muumuus
🌿  KB Oil Sets
🌿  Pareos
🌿  Solace Kimonos

🌿  New Wash Original by Hairstory!!
(PS: If you want 20% off, you can email marketing@kanthabae and Mia will hook you up!)

Tara's Top Ten for the summer... here are a couple shops + products she is loving this season!! ✨

Elago iPods Pro Charging Dock

🌿  Sunburnt Ultra Hydrating Aloe Vera Gel with Natural Organic Aloe Vera + Hyaluronic Acid

🌿  Cell Phone Stand for Desk, Compatible with iPhone, Tablets (7-10") 

🌿  V8 +Hydrate Plant-Based Hydrating Beverage, Strawberry Cucumber

🌿  TURN BACK TIME™ Vitamins by Hum
  🌿  SAIE Glowy Super Gel Lightweight Dewy Highlighter

🌿  SAIE Liquid Lip Balm

🌿  Young Living CBD Beauty Boost in Rose

🌿  Stone and Nash ~ The Mila Dangles

🌿  Kantha Bae In Flow set (I'm loving mine right now!!)
That's all for now! We hope you enjoyed a little behind-the-scenes peek at our favs! We would love to know your must-haves for the summer. Leave us a comment here, or a post in the besties! 

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