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My heart behind Kantha Bae has always and will always be about linking arms with other women. How can I use any platform available to me to empower and uplift women around me... I might not be able to change the world but I can speak up for the women who can't and tell their story. Hopefully through doing that it will always open the door for you and I to love them big in any way that we can.
As of recent I have had the opportunity to link arms with another amazing group of women at @sewforhope. This company is local to Nashville, TN and they help provide work to local refugee women. Sew For Hope began as a ministry of Thriftsmart with Rita Atkins and Lynn Creasy, teaching a group of 4 Bhutanese students. That was all it was ever expected to be! But the ladies kept coming back to learn more and also brought their friends who wanted to learn to sew. 

Now, years later, Sew For Hope is one of the programs of Servant Group International and offers the opportunity for followers of Jesus and refugees to learn sewing and business skills side-by-side, while also building connections and friendships.

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At the successful completion of the beginning sewing program, students are awarded a certificate of completion and a new sewing machine.  Job referrals and application assistance are offered to graduates as jobs become available. At graduation students bring friends and family to celebrate with them in their accomplishments. For many of students, it is the first time they are recognized for their talent or worth.During these months of cultural change as we as a community work together to stay well and keep others safe, we have looked for new ways to help women in need and partner locally to help others. Sewing help has been greatly needed as much of our designs are stuck at the borders in India and Bangladesh. Sew for Hope is helping us continue to stock gorgeous designs in the shop as well as provide work for these families during this economically trying time. You know my hands are full with homeschooling now and running the shop and I am so grateful for these women to help me sew each piece you see going into the shop. My heart is full because it is allowing me the chance to be present with my children during this time. With your help, we have also raised over $500 to meet even more needs for these women and their families including fresh fruits and veggies and toiletries. If you'd like to help us reach our goal you can follow this link.

I am so excited to walk together with this beautiful company and their cause and through that bring another story of hope told through the pieces here at Kantha Bae alongside the stories from India and Bangladesh. 💛 

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