Motherhood Stories with Alexis Gulas

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Each week, we will be featuring Motherhood Stories from women in the Kantha Bae community. We want to share the inspiring stories we see everyday, and connect you with new moms. If you haven't already, please be sure to join our Kantha Bae Mamas Group.
This week's Motherhood Story comes from Alexis Gulas. 
What’s your name and where are you from? 
 My name is Alexis Gulas. I am from Tampa, Florida - born & raised! 

Tell us about your family - Who are the special people in your life? 
My husband Branden and I have a son named Castiel(we call him Cas). He is the light of our life. I spend a lot of time with my Nana who lives in the area as well. 
Tell us about your work - Are you a stay at home mom? Do you have a full-time job? Do you work from home? Run your own business? 
I run an eBay store and a YouTube channel full time! I have lots and lots of plans for the future! Keep an eye out! 

Tell us your motherhood story - Did you always know that you wanted to be a mom? When did you have your first child? What is your hope for this motherhood journey?
I was that girl in high school who NEVER wanted to have kids or get married. AND I MEAN, NEVER. I met my husband and everything changed. We met and started dating just after my senior year of high school and not long after, I was asking for a baby! HAHA! I had my son the day before my 20th birthday and it has been nothing but beautiful. My hope for motherhood, is to be able to inspire my son to inspire the next generation. 
What does a typical day in your life look like? 
My life is a crazy whirlwind most of the time. I'm constantly on the go, BY CHOICE. My granfather used to always call me a gypsy, because I am always doing different things. We play at the beach and the park a lot though! lol

What are you most passionate about? 
Travel!  I think if there is ONE thing in this world that is important to me, its being able to see the world. 

What is the most joyful part of being a mother?
The most joyful part about being a mother, is the smiles. I know that sounds cheesy, but seeing my little boy smile, and knowing that in THAT moment he is content, makes EVERYTHING in this world worth it. 

What advice do you offer new moms? 
The biggest advice I would give to a new mom is that, YOU are enough. Give your child YOU, in your rawest, realist form, and that is all that they need. 

How did you discover Kantha Bae? 
I actually discovered Kantha Bae through a Youtube video myself. I spend just as much time watching youtube videos as I do making them. Once I saw one piece and read their mission, I was hooked! 

What are your favorite Kantha designs?
I have yet to get one because they go so quickly, but I am OBSESSED with the Kimonos! I have a headwrap that I wear ALL THE TIME that I love. You better bet that if ( or when! ) I have another little one, I will be buying a baby carrier as well! 

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