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We have been designing and selling baby carriers for more than three years, and get TONS of questions from mamas who want to carry their little ones. We hosted a live community chat on Instagram this afternoon to talk all things baby wearing. Below is a list of the top questions from mamas in our community.

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Kantha Bae baby carriers are made of 3 layers of vintage cotton sari hand embroidered together with thousands of tiny stitches in the art of kantha embroidery. They are handmade by women survivors in Bangladesh through our partnership with @bashaboutique

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Here is our Complete Baby Wearing Q&A with Krista Sartin of Kantha Bae:

What is your favorite back carry to do? - @thelunarvillage
Hands down the rucksack carry...the hardest part is just getting baby on your back 🤣🤣 i practiced with a stuffed animal first.

Can we do the back carry with the wrap? -  @izzyechartea
Yes!! Here is a link to a great tutorial that my friend @vievegene did!

Which wrap is easier to use?? The ring sling or cloth wrap? - @marandaleigh13
They are both the same material and weight! I grab my ring sling the most during babies’ first year! My wrap I use for long days because it’s so comfortable when you do a good wrap. I takes practice, but it’s sooo worth it!

What are the weight limits and how many ways can you carry in a ring sling? -  @_rebeccavee
Both the Ring Sling and Wrap Carrier are tested to US, Canada, Europe, and Australian standards for to carry 8-35lbs.
There are several great ways to carry in a Ring sling. You can wrap a sling in order to be able to nurse your babe. You can do a tummy to tummy carry which is most popular. But, you can also carry baby on your hip or back with the Ring Sling. I’ve even seen some moms carry with baby facing the front in the sling. But you’d have to be an expert wrapper and make sure you read exactly how to do that for babies’ safety!

How does the Kantha ring sling do with slipping? Does it stay in place well? - @laurenecoats
 Gosh yes...the fabric is so soft (there’s some video on the Insta TV if you want to see) but it’s very sturdy and strong. I’ve worn Atticus for hours without it budging…

What age/weight do you recommend using the ring sling? -  @laurenecoats
The wrap and sling are tested to standards in US, Canada, Europe and Australia for 8-35 lbs. Personally I grab my Ring Sling more that first year and my wrap as they get older 💛

Are the ring slings and wraps pretty soft out of the box, or so they need lots of breaking in? @hanni.lampe
Ahhh friend..they are made of the softest vintage cotton!! They don’t need to be broken in at all! They are read to wear out of the package 🙌🙌

My baby is pretty big, she’s 10 months old but wearing 18mo clothes, how are these for a big babe??? - @jo.ward.essentials
Friend! They are soft, strong and sturdy! I carry my 3 year old in a sling and wrap still. They are tested to safety standards in the US, Canada, Europe and Australia for 8-35lbs...

Is a ring sling really comfortable to wear with an older baby? I keep looking at them for my new 4 week old babe but I’m not sure how long I’d be able to wear her comfortably in it. - @the_childress_fam
I grab my sling the most...it’s so easy! My wrap I grab for longer days but if you are choosing between one or the other..I’d choose a Ring Sling for sure. I wore mine in a sling the most up to 18 mo, then I grabbed my wrap more.

Do you recommend starting with a ring sling and then moving to a wrap, or having both on hand from the first? - @hanni.lampe
Ring Sling first always 💛 Its so easy, especially if you’re new to baby wearing.

I have used a cloth wrap for my son for 8 months now... What is the difference between a wrap and a sling? Do they feel completely different from each other while wearing? - @awildflower.mama
The fabrics on the sling and wrap are exactly the same. The sling and wrap though as far as wearing are completely different. The Ring Sling has two rings sewn to the end to carry babe in a sling style, while the Wrap is a long piece of fabric that there are different safe wrapping styles to wrap the babe to your body.

I just ordered a wrap and I’m wanting to know if there’s more than one way to wrap it? - @madison_shelby218
Ahhh thank you! I know you’ll love it! And yes yes, sooo many ways! You’ll get a little booklet in your package that will show you the FWCC Front Wrap Cross Carry and a list of great resources and baby wearing tutorials as well!

Do you prefer a wrap or a ring sling for a 18 month old? I know everyone prefers something different but I am just wondering. - @mrsrachelcooperI always grabbed my sling more honestly in the first year...but after 18 mo...for comfort and support as my babes were growing I used my wrap.

Is there a special way to care for Kantha wraps/ring slings? - @hanni.lampe
They are made of the softest vintage cotton so they are totally washable, but honestly I hand wash mine and mine dry them for the longest life. Lord know we mamas gotta throw and go sometimes tho...so put them on a gentle cycle and low heat in the dryer if you need too!! 💛

Are ring slings considered a “single” sling, better for newborns and infants, or is it thick and supportive enough to be a standard double sling to, comfortably, use with heavier toddlers? - @daniwoodstock
They are extremely soft and strong! You can definitely use it for your toddler! The ring slings are made of 3 layers of vintage cotton sari hand embroidered together with thousands of tiny stitches in the art of kantha embroidery.

What is the width of the ring sling? I just got my wrap which is absolutely gorgeous and curious if I could use it as a ring sling? I already have rings. - @tiffanypiccolo
The Ring Slings are 35” wide 💛

Would the wrap still be comfy and breathable in the summer Texas heat? My littlest who is 20 months always runs hot unlike me who is always cold. 🙂🔥❄ - @dayspring_essentials
YESSS!! I actually have a lot of Texas mamas and Arizona, SoCal and Hawaiian mamas who use my carriers because they are so lightweight and not hot to wear 💛

I have ring slings because we started wearing my son when he was a bit older. I’m due with our second in Aug and would love to know benefits of wrapping. - @littlewhimsicalmoments
Ahhh the wrap is fabulous! it’s so comfy when you find a carry you love💛 i grabbed my sling more that first year because it’s such a grab and go, and i grab my wrap for long days of wearing or as they got older and heavier!

Do you have questions about Kantha Bae baby carriers or about babywearing in general? Post them in the comments and we will update this post with more advice.

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