How to Care for Your Most Precious Clothing Items

You know the feeling when it’s time to wash your favorite, dream pieces and you want to treat them with the utmost care? We've got you covered. We’ve shared (and learned) some tips + tricks in the Kantha Bae Besties community and wanted to compile them here for you as a reference: 

For combating static, especially on silk pieces: 

-Static Schmatic on Amazon 

-Static Guard

-Static spray with ½ water and ½ distilled water (optional: essential oils of choice & Himalayan salt). Spray between clothing layers. It even works between two silk layers.

For washing your treasured pieces: 

It’s recommended to wash your dream or delicate pieces in delicates bag on a cold, gentle cycle and hang to dry. (You may wish to fluff in the dryer only as needed for a short time on low heat). To be the MOST careful, hand washing and hanging to dry would be your safest bet. 

Due to our items being upcycled, sometimes they can have a musty smell that some people love and some people don’t care for. If you’re not fond of it, we recommend a vinegar wash on the item to help gently remove that scent. One of our Kantha Bae fam fave laundry soaps that has the most musky, earthy scent is the Zum Frankincense and Myrrh laundry detergent. You can find on Amazon as well.    

For a little extra love for your beloved silk items: 

A Bestie recommended folding them and placing them in a cotton bag or pillow case and storing them away from light and moisture to avoid moths and degradation of the fabric can help to preserve the integrity of these gorgeous pieces. 

For your favorite overdyed pieces: 

If you have any of our gorgeous overdyed items, washing with a color catcher sheet and other dark items is recommended to be the most safe.

These special designs have lived many lives before they arrive at your doorstep so they may need a little extra care and we hope you can feel all the love that has been poured into your one of a kind, upcycled pieces!  

If you’re wanting to expand or start your KB collection here are a few of our favorites in the shop now: Dream Pullovers, Kantha Coats, Kantha Hoodies

Sending love to you and your dreamy boho designs you adorn yourself with daily! xo 

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