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Hi, friends! I’ve had so many of you say, “I wish I could pull off a Head Wrap,” or “I would love to wear one but I could never tie it right” or even, "A head wrap would never look right on my head." 


I’m here to tell you yes you CAN, girl! 🙌🏼 Head wraps are my #1 best seller because you just can't go wrong with them. They add bohemian flare to any outfit. (Yes, ANY outfit. I'm counting pajamas 🙈)


If you're unsure where to start, fear not! The team and I have compiled a few tutorials on our favorite ways to wear ours! This is only the beginning... the possibilities are endless, and I know for a fact that anyone can rock one! The best way to learn is to play with it and find what you like best on you!


In this video, Krista will show you the easiest way to wear your head wrap. If you're a first time wearer, this is the perfect one to start with because you can't mess it up! She also quickly covers some other variations.

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This one also takes 0.2 seconds and will have you immediately looking put together. Leave the tails in the back for a more effortless look, or tuck them in to be a bit more polished! Rock it how you want! ✨

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This is Grace's go-to way! We just love how this looks with a messy bun, and Mia will also show you how to rock it with your hair down. 


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For a bolder statement, learn to tie your head wrap with a rose at the front! It looks intricate, but we promise it's easy. 😉


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At 3:00 into the video, Krista gives you a quick tutorial on how to do the crown tie. This one feels very Coachella, and could not be simpler!


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At 2:50, our girl Laura will blow your mind by showing you how to wear 2 head wraps at once. How did we not think of this one?? Most of you have 2 (or 3 or 4 🙈) head wraps laying around. Why not wear them together for twice the fun?

(PS: Laura is a KB Die Hard, and has a whole highlight dedicated to head wrap tutorials on her IG @lauramazurek. Check it out.)

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I hope this helps, friends! Again, there are so many more ways to do it, so feel free to scroll the feed! You guys are always showing us your favorite ways to wear yours, and we repost them all the time. Show us your favorite way by tagging @kanthabae in your Insta posts and stories!


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