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The end of the year is always a time for reflection... and 2020 sure has been a year like no other, to put it gently... My team and I wanted to wrap up 2020 by reflecting on some of the good that happened in this space, namely our holiday Gift Kantha Campaign! As promised, we have highlighted a few stories behind those you nominated.


These testimonies are raw, real, and life-giving... we just know you will enjoy reading about these fierce women as much as we did! With open hands...


*Please note that names have been redacted to protect the privacy of our nominees*



A year and a half ago my nominee and her two kids lost their Father/Husband in a tragic car accident. Swerving to avoid collision he entered a ditch full of rain water, as he was knocked unconscious he took in to much water for his body to fully recover. A few days later after they had their last wedding anniversary, she and her children had to say their last goodbyes. One of her sons has been my friend for years, and we started dating a year ago, just after his dad’s passing. I have gotten really close to [his mother] during this time and the strength she has shown in light of such a tragic accident is incredible. She has gone back and finished her high-school education and is now pursuing a university certification so she can switch professions. She also still takes care of the house and makes sure her children are taken care of emotionally and physically. She often talks about her experience with me and has opened about how this year has been much harder than the first as the true effect of her husband's loss is being felt. I am in constant awe at her strength and will to keep going on as nothing ever prepares you for your worst nightmare. I think this Christmas more than ever she could use some extra love as the holidays are so hard when you’re missing a loved one.



My mother  just lost her mom, my Gammy last night. Her mother lost her husband 6 months ago and she suffered from dementia and Alzheimer’s. My mom has been by her side the entire time. When [name redacted] passed away, my mom went to live with my Gammy for 7 weeks until they found a good care facility close by to my mom. I saw my mom be completely selfless during this hard time for my Gammy and caring for someone that has dementia and Alzheimer’s is not an easy thing to do. When my Gammy was settled in a care facility, my mom made it a point to go as often as she could and was there visiting her mostly every single day. She brought her yummy snacks and cozy clothes and also a Kantha Bae Koverlet! Now that my Gammy has passed, I know my mom could use a little holiday cheer. This is a lovely thing that y’all are doing. God bless and Merry Christmas 🎄   



She is an amazing mom of 5 beautiful girls from 6 months to 8 yrs old . Her husband is a flight paramedic in the Army and has is gone for an extended amount of time. They recently moved off base and she had to do a lot of the moving, repairing and organizing alone because he was away for a month long training. She loves your site and has a few items but as most of us know the kids come first and she never really gets to splurge on herself. If you knew her and saw how amazing and loving she is with everyone you would understand why I am nominating her.



I nominated my daughter. She is 23 and ultimate boho babe - she always has been.

On April 28, she delivered her first baby in the middle of the pandemic. We weren’t sure if her husband could be with her but he was able to stay. However, we had planned for me to be with her but I couldn’t due to Covid restrictions. I couldn’t even be in the building so I waited in the parking lot.

Little did I know she was actually having a very difficult delivery and her doctor almost lost her. She had to have a blood transfusion and the delivery was immensely traumatic for her. The delivery she had dreamed about her entire adult life didn’t happen. Her baby had to stay in the hospital and she subsequently experienced horrible post-partum depression.

Now, seven months later both she and the baby are thriving! She was very honest with her husband and her physician and got the help she needed.

I am nominating her because she adores your products and would be so encouraged with this gift card. We both love Kantha Bae and are very globally focused as we lead and participate in global outreach trips all over the world. One day we hope to visit India and these beautiful ladies and families who are so blessed by your production.

Thank you for considering my Kantha BAE ♥️


She is an amazing wife, mother, and friend. She is always giving and unconditionally loving others, and pushing us all to grow and be the best version of ourselves! She’s got two littles and a husband who she gives everything to and yet still has room to give and love on those around her. She is someone I admire greatly and I would love to see her get spoiled this Christmas with some beautiful KB treasures!    



My dear friend has had a tough couple of years and could use some love. She lost her dear father last year and had a baby this year, during the pandemic. Not to mention, she’s the owner of a small business and has been struggling financially because of the craziness of this year. She has always been there for me when I needed a friend and I love her like she was my own sister.    



I am nominating my grandmother because she is amazing! She came here from Cuba (working for years in the sugar cane fields) with just my mother in 1968 not knowing a word of English. She has been a hardworking woman her whole life and in August we just found out that she has renal cancer. A boho and fashion lover, I think that she would be the perfect person to get some cheer in this time of fighting this illness.    


I am nominating my wife because she is an amazing woman that keeps our family going! She has been on maternity taking care of our little baby boy all year which has been super hard because COVID has made our support circle a lot smaller.



My daughter probably doesn't know that she inspires me - but let me tell you why. She is a teacher. A teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing. Through her passion and caring, her expertise and empathy, she makes a difference every day in the lives of children and their parents. Many of the children she teaches have serious health issues beyond deafness; many live well below the poverty level. Some families she works with include a parent or parents who are deaf and often have multiple children with hearing challenges. She brings hope everyday by meeting them where they are at, by teaching parents that deaf infants and toddlers need the gift of language, by supporting families who can't afford diapers or who can't drive to appointments. My amazing daughter has a passion for the families and children she guides through their journey - I hear it in every phone call we have as she tells me about each of her "kids"; I see it in the material sacrifices she's made as an underpaid educator. My daughter leans in where many of us don't have the courage to go. Thankfully she does.  

I am nominating this beautiful soul because she has continued to be my rock through this trying year, and has helped me through some tough moments. I surely wouldn’t not be where I am without her, same for my littles! This is a small token of my infinite and overflowing gratitude 🙏 💗    

I am a better person, friend, mom, and wife because of my friendship with her. She navigates life with grace and radiates joy by relying on and showing others God's strength, wisdom, and mercy. Despite innumerable, serious and complicated health problems, being a homeschooling mother of 5 and wife, navigating heartbreaking extended family issues, and the isolation of no longer being able to drive, she constantly identifies blessings and life's pleasures and seeks ways to make others' days brighter. She challenges me to do the same by example. She introduced me to Kantha Bae, loving not only the products but what the company stands for. An unexpected treat from y'all would make her day. Thanks for this opportunity.    

I am so inspired by her passion for everything in life. She is passionate about her sobriety and shares her raw, emotional story with others in hopes of helping more people know they are not alone. She is passionate about her team and pushing us all toward the common goal of success. She is passionate about her family - she has to be one of the best moms I have come across. She works so hard helping others and truly deserves a gift herself!    

She has a huge heart and gives abundantly. She is a wife and mom of two, and no matter life throws at her, she fights through it all in the name of love, grace and growth. She’s a true light in this world ❤️    

She is my soul sister. The universe sent me a huge blessing by giving me her friendship. She is the strongest, bravest, and most inspirational woman I know. She has two lovely babies and is the most amazing mother, always full of understanding, and compassion. She puts in so much hard work (with self, a growing business & motherhood) and doesn't get nearly enough credit. She and I share our love (obsession <3 ) of kanthabae everyday and so this year what a better way to send my soul sis some extra love than this. Thank you, E, for simply being you. And of course, thank you kanthabae!! <3 we love you!  

Thank you for taking the time to read these beautiful stories!! We could keep sharing all day, as ALL the stories were just as touching as these. We so appreciate those of you who linked arms with us to take part in something bigger... Happy New Year!

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