Bringing a different story to the retail market

See people wholly. Love them fully. And walk with open hands. 

The Kantha Bae story begins with people. From the families in India and Bangladesh that we partner with to create our custom, one of a kind designs, to the thousands of Kantha Bae “besties” that gather daily online and share outfit inspiration and real life encouragement. Ours is a story of hope, light and purpose. 

The evolution of the Kantha Bae story has now led to a retail store, a bohemian marketplace in the heart of Nashville, TN. Krista, our founder and visionary shared: “It’s bigger than the clothes. It’s looking in the mirror and saying: I am beautiful, I can feel good in what I put on. It’s an identity story: I can have community, that thing I’ve always longed for, it does exist. What we are creating is a space where we can do that now, face to face.”  

Sent with Intention 

Kantha Bae has now opened a new warehouse, so that our entire operation lives under one roof. We are able to put our hands on the inventory and be the last ones that send out the product with intention and blessing. A truly beautiful space has been created and cleansed with singing bowls and sage. We believe spaces matter–they hold energy–so our warehouse has dreamy music swirling through the air and twinkle lights draped overhead. We are so excited for this full circle moment in our brand story. It’s truly amazing, ya’ll!  

The Inner Room

Tucked in the middle of our retail building we’ve created a sacred space called The Inner Room designed for community and connection. Think: restorative yoga, healing drum beats as energy cleansing, soulful conversation over a cup of tea and more. It is a space offered with an invitation for our community to gather and “be.” Come experience Kantha Bae and then shop the beautiful, upcycled designs after you’ve connected deeply and refilled your soul. Our retail space is set apart from a traditional boutique and we are so expectant for the life giving moments held in the Inner Room, which will spill out into the retail space full of bohemian treasures. 

We will be hosting many upcoming events and opportunities for connection, so be sure to connect with us on our Kantha Bae Bohemian Marketplace social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. We love you big, friends.

~Krista and the entire KB team

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