Boho Rocker Vibes with Ashley Lovelace

You are in for a treat today, beauties! Ashley (@rainydayjames3611 on Instagram) inspires us with her unique style mixing delicate boho pieces and funking them up with edgy, rocker vibes. She has a heart of gold and adds such beauty and light to the Kantha Bae community.  

Enjoy this conversation with boho and rocker goddess Ashley: 


What are three fun facts about you?

I grew up playing ice hockey ! There weren’t many girls that played , so my little sister and I had to get suited up in the ladies restroom! The figure skaters wouldn’t let us use their locker room . Oh and my mama was our head coach!

Back in high school I used to make my own patchwork clothing and camp out at lots of festivals, making hemp jewelry to pay for my gas home lol!

My hair is always a big question, and yes, it’s 100% natural. I started noticeably greying at age 16.

How did you hear about Kantha Bae? 

I heard about Kantha Bae from so many of my silver sisters! Sherry (@seagypsymermaid) was a big inspiration. 


How long have you been a KB Bestie?

I was so humbled and honored to be able to connect with Kantha Bae last February! Man what an amazing year it’s been! 


What was your first Kantha Bae piece? 

My first piece was a crepe duster and a head wrap. Little did I know, my wardrobe has slowly , (ok not slow, I buy all the time hehe) become these meaningful and soulful pieces! These pieces will be hopefully treasured by my daughters one day.


What is your favorite part about the Kantha Bae community?

Oh gosh, how much time do you all have ?! The open arms, the open hearts, and the open minds! How can a community be built of such unique individuals? Yet so united by a common thread? I truly think that thread is kindness and empathy. A safe landing place for us women to just BE. 


What impact has the Kantha Bae community had on your life?

This community has made me feel safe, understood, and for sure re- lit that creative fire I was so desiring when I first started my Instagram account. I kept chasing what I thought it meant to be an ‘influencer’. It felt so forced and so, ‘keeping up with the Jones’s’. Little did I know, linking arms with Kantha Bae was going to allow me to share my passion of fashion with a much broader audience of women like me. The connections I’ve made through this community are literal gold. So much more than clothes.


What is your fave KB piece right now? 


Oh gosh that’s like picking a favorite child, it changes day to day *wink, wink . If you can’t tell, I’m a bit of a smart Alec lol. I’d have to say my goddess kimono! It’s a VIBE! Put that beauty on after the shower, after a hard day, or over any outfit and it’s an instant mood boost. I also have to edit, that now after receiving my crossroads overalls, holy cow!! Those bad boys are beyond rad and uber flattering!!!




We LOVE how you mix edgy/rocker vibes with your dreamy boho Kantha Bae pieces. Give us some tips, share how you create your boho rocker looks! 


Ok ladies, let’s break it down in its most simple form. The easiest way to add that edge is to start with a black base. I currently LOVE my high waisted black denim paired with a black vintage Harley tee (or any band tee) then simply add your favorite kimono ! I love delicate florals or girlie colors paired with the tough base , gives this street style juxtaposition. For winter I’ll toss on a beanie, some Docs , and a leather trench to up your layer game! For summer I’d pair that outfit with a trucker hat and some pointed mules! And Vans ladies, get a checkered pair for your maxi dresses!

Remember, it’s all about the mix of hard and soft!


What are some of your favorite pieces to “grunge” up?


This is fun too! Take a twirl away tank dress and grab a bleached flannel to wear as your jacket. Then grab your favorite cropped jeans ( I make mine from men’s Levi’s that also double as my painter pants! I crop the length and all the years of paint splatter give them so much character). I’ll add combat boots , leather backpack, and of course nothing says grunge like a men’s beanie!


Thank you so much for sharing all your tips with us Ashley! Be sure to join The Besties Group on Facebook to connect with Ashley and other amazing friends who share daily outfit inspo and encouragement. 

Ashley is also a fabulous affiliate for Kantha Bae and you can use code: RAINY5 to save on your next order!  



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