Baby Carrier Shopping Guide

Hi, I’m Krista. A mama of 5 little ones the Founder/Designer behind Kantha Bae.
I designed my first baby wrap in mid-2015 when I was four weeks postpartum with my third little one. I was in search of a strong and gorgeous baby wrap, and decided to create a custom one for myself. I found some kantha fabric, sat down at my sewing machine and the first kantha baby wrap carrier was born. 
Soon other mamas were requesting their own Kantha wraps, and with a dream and beautiful design, Kantha Bae began.
I partnered up with a beautiful organization that employs women survivors in India, so that every carrier could support their story of hope.
Our baby carriers are made of three reversible layers of lightweight cotton hand sewn together with thousands of tiny kantha stitches. They are handmade by women survivors in Bangladesh through our partnership with @bashaboutique
Why do mamas love our carriers so much? 
  • Each design is one-of-a-kind. Just like your bae. 
  • They are handmade by women survivors in Bangladesh.
  • Our designs feature kantha fabric that is both strong & sturdy 
  • All of our carriers work for babies and toddlers 8-35lbs
  • They are designed to be lightweight for hotter months
We offer two different styles of baby carriers depending on your preference..
Ring slings are made from a 35 x 70 inch piece of kantha that is secured on the shoulder through a set of rings. Quick to use, they are perfect for carrying your child on short trips and for children who like to be up and down often.
Wrap Carriers are a 27 x 225 inch piece of kantha fabric that you tie and knot around yourself to create a pouch on your chest, hip or back with your baby can sit. Perfect for long trips, outdoor events and everyday use.















Have more questions about baby wearing or kantha bae carriers? You can email us or DM me directly on Instagram at anytime. You are also invited to join our Kantha Bae Mamas group on Facebook where you can connect with other new mamas. 

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