All Things Overdye with Eva Fox

We are so excited to introduce you to our fabulous friend and style icon: Eva Fox. She inspires us ALL in the Kantha Bae community with her boldness, creativity and confidence! Her free spirit and eye for fashion is truly next level!  If you don’t already be sure to follow her on IG: @harryandthehippychick

Enjoy this conversation with the one and only Eva Fox: 


What are three fun facts about you? 

1) I have been using the same dance step since the 80’s & it still works


2) I can thrift anything and make it into my own style. 


3) I think out loud by talking to myself. 


How did you hear about Kantha Bae? 


I first heard about Kantha Bae through Laura Mazurek. 


How long have you been a KB Bestie?


2 years 



What was your first Kantha Bae piece?


A silk Muu Muu 


What is your favorite part about the Kantha Bae community?


I love that we all have a special sisterhood. It’s a place where everyone can be who they are and there’s no judgement. Everyone is always looking to help one another and always lifting each other up. It’s so beautiful to see and be a part of. 


What impact has the Kantha Bae community had on your life?


It has helped me become more open to friendships. I am or maybe I should say was an introvert. I have been trying so hard to let that go.  I always had a hard time making friends.  

I can now say that I have made some very special friendships thanks to this community.  It’s amazing how you can have a bond with people you have yet to give a huge Mama Fox hug to.  I am so thankful for the KB Team, Krista and the families that make these beautiful creations come to life. This little corner of social media is pure magic! 


What is your fave KB piece right now? 


It’s a tie between the epic Dream Pullovers & the Velvet bells. They are ALWAYS on rotation. 


You are the Queen of DIY and giving new life to our beloved Kantha pieces! Could you share some tips for beginners who want to explore transforming their pieces at home? 


Sure! Here’s a few tips on overdying: 


If you are looking to Overdye your Kantha Bae item without color remover. First consider the colors of the existing item. Also consider what color or colors work best. 


Rit Dye is the easiest and most economical dye to use.

Please be sure to read the directions. Be sure to add vinegar as suggested on directions. 


1) Use a large pot that allows you to move around the fabric. If fabric does not swirl around loosely, your dye will possibly be blotchy.  Do not use this pot for cooking. You can use a large bucket but make sure the water is super hot. I do not use the washing machine method as I find the stove top has better results. 


2) Once your water is hot enough, pour about half of the dye into pot and then take your Kantha Bae item and put it in the pot. 

Make sure the fabric is wet before adding to the pot. 


3) Move fabric around every 10 mins and check color. Reminder fabrics look darker when wet. I usually let mine sit in the dye for about 20-30 mins. This all depends on how dark you want your item. 


4) Once you like the color you can remove (use gloves) and run in cold water. You can add to the wash in gentle cycle. I do not add any Kantha Bae into the washing machine. I hand wash and hang to dry. 


5) Once the item is dry and is not dark enough you can dye her again for more color. 


For anyone looking to use color remover:


1) Boil water in a large pot on stove. Once water is hot add the entire packet of carbona or rit color remover. Please pay close attention as the color remover works very quickly. The longer it sits in the pot the more color will come off your Kantha Bae item. If left in too long it can remove the color and print of your item so please be careful. The process usually happens within 2-3 mins on regular lightweight Kantha. If doing a heavier item, it will take longer. 


2) Once you have reached the level of color you want, remove the item. If you are looking for earthier colors when doing color removal. Red will turn a rust to a peachy color depending on how long it sits. You can then use tea to enhance and make it even earthier. 


3) If you have completed all color removal and rinsed your item you can now use dye to change the color. If you want to do black I suggest the deep intense true black. The regular black tends to be more gray. Once you select your color you can follow the same dye instructions as above. 


Anyone looking tie dye to their Kantha fabric:


1) Follow the color removal instructions. 


2) Once you have removed color - leave it as light as possible but do not take away all of the design. 


3) I like to use 2/3 colors. Grab your colors. You will also need plastic bottles with the pointy tip similar to hair dye bottles. Add a small amount of dye and fill the rest with hot water from stove. Please use gloves. You will also need a foil lasagna pan to use. 


4) Wet your Kantha item and make sure you squeeze out all excess water. Once you have your dyes set grab your item and lay it onto the pan and scrunch it up so it should be laying flat but scrunch it so that it only takes up about half the pan. Grab a color and gently squeeze color onto the fabric. Make sure you saturate the item with all the colors you are using but don’t over do it. Once all 3 colors have been completed wait at least 20 minutes and gently flip the item without unfolding it (this is tricky but it can be done). At the 29 min mark do the same process of colors on the other side. Wait another 20 mins before washing your item and then dry. 


Thank you so much, Eva, for sharing all your wisdom with us! Be sure to join The Besties Group on Facebook to connect with Eva and other amazing friends who share daily outfit inspo and encouragement. 

Eva is also a fabulous affiliate for Kantha Bae and you can use code: EVA5 to save on your next order!  

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