Sari Romper 164 Small - Kantha Bae
$ 83.00 USD

Sari Romper 164 Small

The Sari Romper is made of the softest vintage cotton sari. It’s oversized free fit make it a easy go to for comfortable daywear, loungewear, or sleepwear. Dress it up too with some boots and a denim jacket for that boho grunge. The design features 5 shell buttons and two pockets on the inside and outside making the Sari Romper totally reversible with 2 unique patterns. Sleeves and Ankle feature an elastic hem.

Sizing options are S/M suitable for approximately 0-4+ and M/L for sizes 4-8+ and L/XL for sizes 8-16+ See photos for sizes being worn. Be mindful that these two sizes are oversized and can fit most depending on the individual’s sizing preference.