Fair Trade Principles

Creating opportunities

Kantha Bae supports poverty reduction through trade with small and marginalised producers, providing opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers. 

Transparency & Accountability

Kantha (& our supplier Basha) are transparent in business dealings with all members of the supply chain. This creates a symbiotic environment of accountability from manufacturing, to design, to distribution all the way to when you receive your Kantha product.

Fair Trade Practices

Basha operates with concern for employees’ social, environmental and economic well-being. They pay above the local standard for similar work, and employees also receive a share in any profits. Other employee benefits include: part-payment of medical costs, gratuity and severance pay, festival bonuses and a subsidized crèche facility.

Kantha Bae treats its employees with similar respect and compensation. As we grow, we only hope to increase in our generosity within our company and elsewhere.

Payment of Fair Price

Basha & Kantha Bae operate fairly in our local context by offering at or above market prices for materials and services whenever possible.

No Child Labor

Basha & Kantha Bae generally do not employ anyone under the age of 18. Girls between 16-18 who meet Basha’s criteria are provided employment in compliance with local labour laws, which include safe working conditions, restricted hours, and ongoing education.

Non-discrimination, Gender Equality & Freedom of Association

We are passionate and put into practice the righting of gender and cultural inequality. We do not discriminate when hiring on the basis of race, religion, age or background.

We and our suppliers seek to maintain excellent health and safety standards and practices, and to foster a positive and enjoyable working environment.

Working Conditions

Capacity Building

Basha seeks to continue to develop of all their employees, offering ongoing professional and personal training. We currently offer training in life-skills, business, Bangla literacy and English.

We and Basha are active advocates for Fair Trade through web and printed promotional material and at events. We also seek to lead by example among our competitors.

Promoting Fair Trade

A high proportion of our materials are re-purposed or recycled. Basha sources materials locally and chooses carbon-light transportation of goods wherever possible.

Respecting the Environment

Disclaimer: Wording, information, and fair trade remarks used by permission. www.bashaboutique.com